Facial Treatments

Only the purest extracts and essential oils are used within Susan Molyneux professional facial treatments. When it comes to beauty therapy it`s no secret that the best results are achieved when the finest skin care preparations are used in conjunction with professional skills.

  • Aromatherapy Facial – release the senses
    The skin is cleansed, toned, peeled and massaged using high quality, fragrant essential oils. To complete the treatment, a mask is applied and then the skin is hydrated leaving it glowing and radiant (1 hr) £38.00
  • Prescription Facial
    A selection of plant extracts is blended to make a unique massage cream and mask. A perfect treatment for all skin types including sensitive skins (1hr) £38.00
  • SOS Facial
    This treatment will help to save your skin from the harmful effects of pollution and the environment. It has been designed to treat skin that is feeling dehydrated and tired. It will help to delay the ageing process using scientifically formulated rescue serums (1hr) £38.00
  • Alpha Facial
    For all skin types, this treatment incorporates Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA`s) to help brighten the complexion. For optimum results our AHA night cream should be used for home care between treatments (1 hr) £38.00
  • Ampoule Facial
    Ampoule facial containing concentrated serums are used in this skin boosting treatment. There is a treatment for oily, spot-prone skin and one for normal to dry/mature skin. After peeling the skin, the Ampoule Fluid is applied. A relaxing massage and mask are used and the skin is moisturised (1hr) £38.00
  • Active Collagen – Bio Facial
    This treatment has been designed to reduce the signs of ageing using pure, freezedried collagen. After one treatment the skin`s ability to hold moisture can be improved by up to 75% (1hr) £45.00
    After an intensive course of six treatments, weekly, wrinkle depth can be reduced by 40%.
    A course of six treatments is £250.00 – saving you £20.00.
  • Aqua Visage Facial
    There are four effective treatments using a specialised trans-dermal mask. Alpha Hydroxy Acid for dry skin, vitamins A, C and E for ageing skin, vitamin K for dark circles and clarifying for oily, spot prone skins. The active plant ingredients within the patented formula penetrate very deeply and work by occlusion leaving the skin balanced and hydrated (1 hr 15) £43.00
  • Galvaderm Electrotherapy Treatment
    This treatment has been designed to effectively deep cleanse, stimulate cellular renewal and introduce balancing preparations deep within the skin. This is the ultimate in skincare therapy (1 hr 30) £44.00
  • Microtone – Non Surgical Facelift
    Safe, painless and extremely effective in reducing wrinkles. This treatment uses our microtone machine, which produces micro current to gently stimulate the muscles in the face and neck. The procedure is very gentle and there is no uncomfortable pressure – just the soft touch of cotton tipped probes and a relaxing sensation (1hr 30) £42.00
    A course of 10 treatments is recommended £380.00
  • Male Facial
    This treatment has been designed for the busy man and will deep cleanse, exfoliate, balance and moisturise (1hr) £35.00
  • Scalp Massage
    Can be added to any facial (15 mins) £10.00