Body & Ear Piercing

A full range of upper body piercing is available.
Navel, nipple, surface, lip, labret, septum, nostril, madonna, tongue, eyebrow, tragus, ear cartilage and lobe.

All piercing will be carried out by qualified piercer who practices the very highest standards of sterilisation and hygiene. You will be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilised needle, which, after use, is immediately disposed of, in a medical container. All piercings are fitted with jewellery, which is appropriately sized, safe in material, design, construction, and which best promotes healing.

You will be fully informed about proper aftercare, and have continuing access to us for consultation and assistance with all your piercing related questions.

  • Navel - £31.00
  • Nose - £24.00
  • Eyebrow - £29.00
  • Tongue - £32.00
  • Nipple - £29.00
  • Tragus - £24.00
  • Ear – Starts from £18.00

Other facial and upper body piercings available at your request.

We have a range of jewellery for all body piercings.